glass systems | EXPERTS IN BALUSTRADes fencing and showers

glass systems shower range


Classic design

glass systems shower range

marine grade

All fittings are of 316 marine grade stainless steel

glass systems shower range

Self closing

Self closing gate complies with pool codes

glass systems shower range

Curved balustrades

stainless steel posts for a different look

Pool Gates & Curved Balustrades

Stainless fittings, highest quality. All fittings are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel for non rust protection.

Gates are designed with hardware to provide self closing, self latching systems in order to comply with pool fencing regulations.

Fencing height to be 1200mm including gate. We use only 12mm toughened safety glass for human impact protection.

Remember when designing your pool, access gates need to open out from the pool area to comply with codes.

A number of designs are available for around your pool area, including installation of glass in channels, on vertical stainless steel posts or on purpose made floor brackets protruding from the concrete/tiled areas which provide an exceptional visual appearance to your pool.