Glass splashbacks | painted or screenprinted

Every kitchen, shower wall, room or office space should have some focal point or point of interest. Glass Systems Ltd can help you achieve this by providing a unique painted glass splashback or background. Or we can personalise your glass with a screen printed image.

Glass with a decorative finish

Glass doesn’t have to be clear or even just tinted – at Glass Systems we have a wide range of colours and patterns we can use to paint your glass – it is what we call painted glass and it looks great.

Colour backed glass is ideal for:

  • wet areas:
    • Kitchens
    • behind kitchen benches
    • laundries
    • bathrooms
    • shower walls
  • office or decorative areas:
    • reception areas
    • foyer areas with your company logo
    • office partitions

From kitchens to showers to counters, coloured glass splashbacks can be tailored to match any colour scheme. We use only the best coating. Quality is guaranteed.

Screenprinted glass

We can also screen print your company logo or favourite image onto glass, ideal for reception areas or a decorative wall in your home.

Choosing colours for your glass splashback

When choosing colours consider the aspect of the room and the atmosphere you wish to create. Light colours make a room appear bigger. So, in general, light colours should be used in small areas while deeper colours can provide a wonderful feature in a larger room.

Painted glass shower walls in your bathroom create an energising or soothing bathroom environment while, painted glass walls in heavy clean areas of kitchens and showers provide an easy clean option with time saved cleaning when compared to a more traditional title grouted surface.

Coloured splashbacks and glass – technical stuff

Glass used in showers and behind stoves is 5mm toughened glass for strength and safety. If required a fire protective backing can be added to your glass, perfect for behind gas stoves.

With Glass Systems you have a choice of any colour from the Resene colour.

When using a light colour finish it is recommended that you choose a low iron or sapphire glass which helps to remove the green tint from clear float glass.

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