Partitions, Doors & Shop Fronts

Glass partitions can be almost invisible or make a statement and define a space.

Whether in the office or home, glass partitions provide protection and acoustic privacy without compromising the flow of natural light. 

We have a range of design options available including:

  • Frameless

  • Framed for a crittrall-joinery look 

  • Tinted or frosted

  • Customised with a logo or image


Glass partitions are clean and almost invisible and yet can define spaces, add light, provide protection and acoustic privacy - all without blocking your view. 

Glass partitions can be clear, tinted, customised with your logo or have frosted paneling.

Shop Fronts

Glass shop fronts allow for retail spaces to be open and interactive without bulky frames or solid walls. Invite passers-by to enter your store with an uncluttered view of what you have to offer.

Frameless Glass Doors

Allow light to flow into your space and create a feeling of openness with a frameless glass interior or exterior door. 


Our frameless glass doors are available in a variety of fixings:


  • Hinged

  • Sliding

  • Pivot

  • Automatic

design options


Glass Systems

Glass Systems is a 100% New Zealand owned business, specialising in designing and installing custom glass solutions for projects of all sizes, from large commercial installations to home renovations.

Glass Systems is a member of the Window and Glass Association NZ. 

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