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Glass Showers

Simple and elegant, glass showers have stood the test of time. 

Whether you enjoy the simplicity of clear frameless glass, want to add a frosted panel / tint or want to create a focal point with colour or graphic design, our showers are designed and made to suit your requirements. 


Our glass shower hardware is available in a range of architectural finishes so that we can closely match the colour and finish of your tapware and blend your shower seamlessly into your bathroom design. 


We offer EnduroShield coating to protect your shower from staining and etching while also reducing cleaning time and frequency. 


We use a variety of frameless glass fixing systems:


  • Channel

  • Sliding door

  • Hinge

  • Shower screen 

glasssystemsnz_showers_quadrant example

This space-saving design is best suited to small bathrooms.

glasssystemsnz_showers_sliding example.j

The sliding door system is great for tight spaces and must be a minimum of 1200mm wide.

In Line

An in-line shower consists of three walls and a custom made glass door enclosing it.


The box design is custom made with 3 glass panels enclosing the shower.

Design Options

design options



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